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Would you go to Antarctica?

I have expiring miles this year and I have been looking up and finding places to go and see. In my research, I learned that one could actually plan a trip to Antarctica and the easiest way to get there is to fly through Ushuaia in the southernmost tip of Argentina. Not a bad idea!

But, who goes to Antarctica?! There are so many options in exploring the frozen continent. Each year, thousands of tourists get to visit and bring home a lifetime experience. One article I found had a mesmerizing way of describing the place:

“Imagine… After making your way across the Drake Passage, you wake up in the morning to a different world. Icebergs of all different sizes, bathed in a luminescent pale pink, surround your state-of-the-art expedition ship... You see the water down below moving in a strange fashion; you take a closer look, and see chinstrap penguins porpoising all around you.

Suddenly, you’re distracted by something in the distance; you grab your binoculars and spot a wandering albatross, the largest seabird in the world, soaring through the sky. Just below the hovering bird, you see a massive creature emerge from the freezing waters—a humpback whale has been enjoying his breakfast, feeding on krill. You look at the time and realize you've only just arrived; and that you’ve officially been introduced to Antarctica.” (See: https://bit.ly/31CQbgJ)

Wouldn’t you want to go? Well, I have very low tolerance on cold weather and my greatest fear is to drown in freezing cold waters besides free falling from the sky (or from a building).

But I thought experiencing Antarctica is second to none and the thought of setting foot there is exhilarating! It might also be the best way to overcome my fears and discomforts way above the extreme cold experience I’ve had in New York, Chicago and Iceland. I’ve also been to Montreal at a time when a blizzard just hit it.

Then I picked up this news from CNN— it’s getting warm in Antarctica! They recently registered 65 degrees Fahrenheit (about 18 degrees Celsius), the hottest temperature ever in the Arctic. While global warming continues to impact Elsa’s home outside Arendelle, I’m counting the days.

It’s going to be a really expensive trip though and you know what else I found out? My expiring miles don’t cover flights to this paradise. It would probably take me years to save up for this tour-of-a-lifetime. Guess it’s time to plan things.

(Note: When I make it to Antarctica, I will surely take photos. Meantime, I’m adding in this story a photo I took of Gullfoss Falls in Iceland in 2017, up close and personal.)

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