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When I was your adobo man

Almost 8 years ago, I helped organize the very first #Adobo Fiesta #adobocooking competition in New York City. It was a fundraiser for shelter and education programs through @gawadkalinga_usa supporting the work of @gawadkalinga in the #Philippines.

The event was well attended and participated in by amazing American and Filipino home cooking enthusiasts. The winning entry became a mainstay in the all-time favorites section of Payag Restaurant’s menu.

The grand winner was a tourist from Davao City and the second place was an American who married a Filipina. Third placer was a Queens-based Iliganon school teacher. Surely, Pinoys and their non-Pinoy extended families come together when it comes to food.

And while the old saying goes, “There are 101 ways to cook adobo,” it has been a favorite dish for many Filipino and overseas Filipinos across the globe.

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