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by Sir Kidd

Learn freedom from the river

Flow and dance with the rhythm

Despite dissent play for a team

That’s how the river, that’s how you’ll go farther.

Learn letting go from the river

As to the rivers that you can never step on twice

Let go like the river and look forward with those eyes

That’s how the river, that’s how you’ll forget pain and be tougher.

But more than all those, learn surrender from the river

Accept every bump but keep that grip tight

Hold on tight as life put’s you into every fight

For you cannot walk thru a rushing river so instead learn surrender

Surrender cause,

That world maybe is too small and you are meant for something bigger

The river??

That, for you-maybe is too small of a river

That, you are meant to fight at the seas

That you are such of a tough and strong fighter- but the time has come, you shall now rest and just surrender.

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