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Staying home, you can make it work

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

As reported, 4,111 of them are now sick and more than 500 have tested positive for #COVID19.

Several conspiracy theorists have suggested that the #coronavirus is a bio weapon in an ongoing biowarfare. Good thing those theories have been debunked. Read: https://bit.ly/2xynvLa

Otherwise, I would have thought they’ve been successful in crippling NYC security. However, some people (including politicians) have their doubts still.

Whether this virus originated from a lab or not, it surely has stopped our world from spinning the way it did and it should. People’s lifestyles have uncontrollably been modified and the past few weeks turned out uncomfortable for many.

More than 720,000 cases have been confirmed across the globe and close to 35,000 have died. This is unprecedented!

This global pandemic had claimed more human lives than the top 5 deadliest hurricanes in the United States from 1893 to 2017 combined. I researched this while watching Netflix!

Ask yourself now — how inconvenienced are you with the massive community quarantine and lockdown protocols? How bothered are you that you can’t do your day to day routine?

New York City’s Mayor Bill de Blasio could only utter “people need to understand that this is a very serious matter.”

My only hope is that while our status in the Philippines is still far from New York’s or Italy’s, our government (and us) could arrest this problem as urgent as possible. I know it’s backbreaking for the President, DOH and our local governments, they should find the best strategies and solutions. Now. And we shall all cooperate.

By the way, I admire how BHERTs came to be. I believe it’s very efficient and systematic. But their effectiveness ends when people start testing positive.

From our small communities in our barangays to the biggest cities like New York, we all have been inconvenienced. But, unfortunately, staying home is our only option right now. It is very difficult, distressing and annoying but that is our only option and we’ve got to make it work.

To save ourselves and our families, stay home. After all, new discoveries in this whole new routine will pop up. Sooner or later.

For me, I didn’t think I could make a music video all by myself. Watch it here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ppb0Tc4HTFk

Additionally, I cloned myself to help #healtheworld.

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