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Philippine Army, NPA clash in Zamboanga del Norte anew

CAMP SANG-AN, ZAMBOANGA DEL NORTE (12 July 2020) — Communist NPA Terrorists (CNT) yielded one .50-Caliber Sniper Rifle and other high-powered firearms to the Army's 53rd Infantry Battalion (53IB) after a clash in Siayan, Zamboanga del Norte Saturday.

The 10-minute firefight that transpired in the boundaries of Sitio Tumanong, Brgy Macasing and Sitio Lacnapan, Barangay Pange, both in Siayan town, Zamboanga del Norte incurred no casualty on the government side.

Other high-powered firearms captured were one Rocket Propelled Grenade and one M16 Assault Rifle together with backpacks, medical paraphernalia, terrorists propaganda materials, assorted medicines and ammunitions.

In a statement, 53rd IB Commanding Officer Lt. Col. Jo-ar Herrera said that the firefight resulted from a tip-off from the community in the area.

"The cooperation of the residents in the area not only revealed the whereabouts of the communist terrorists, it also helped in the preservation of peace in the area," said Lt. Col. Herrera.

102nd Infantry Brigade Commander Col. Leonel Nicolas whose operational jurisdiction covers the province of Zamboanga del Norte urged to sustain the military operations and pursue the terrorist groups in the area.

"We've hit them hard and we expect more informations from the locals who've continuously report the NPA presence in their communities" said Col. Nicolas.

Yesterday, clash with separate group transpired in Kalawit, Zamboanga del Norte which resulted to two CNTs killed and capture of high-powered firearms.

"It is now very clear that the people's resolve is absolute in rejecting the Communist-Terrorist ideology," Col. Nicolas added.

Maj. Gen. Gene Ponio 1st Infantry Division Commander, encouraged the NPA terrorists still in the hinterlands to return to the folds of the law and avail the programs and initiatives of the government.

"The government is sincere and willing to help you (NPA) to return and reintegrate into the mainstream society" Maj. Gen. Ponio said.

The troops are still in pursuit of the enemy as of this posting.

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