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OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Cong. Frederick Siao

REP. FREDERICK W. SIAO | Iligan City Lone District Chair, Committee on Civil Service and Professional Regulation | Member, Committee on Transportation

As a House transportation committee member, I remind the LGUs, MMDA, LTO, and LTFRB and appeal to the transport firms to please make sure our transport terminals have activated public health procedures, and proper supplies and facilities for hand washing, personal hygiene, and restrooms.

Inspect all the restrooms at terminals and aboard transport vehicles (buses with rest rooms), inter-island ships, seaports, airports, and airplanes.

Passengers and personnel who have colds, fever, and other symptoms of any infectious disease should be attended to.

Passengers who develop symptoms while in transit should be isolated and given first aid.

For land transport, every terminal restroom and stop along the route must be stocked with more than enough soap and faucet water, and trash cans. All restrooms must be cleaned regularly. Even gas stations' restrooms should be kept clean always.

All drivers and conductors must be healthy and properly reminded of health safety measures. Buses, especial their interiors, must be kept clean, sanitized, and odor-free

Frequently-touched surfaces on all transport vehicles must be sanitized: baggage compartments, doorknobs, handle bars, railings, windows, seat covers, and armrests.

All public transport vehicles should be stocked with soap, rubbing alcohol, and hand sanitizers.

On airplanes and ships, in addition to the usual safety procedures, there should now be properly health hygiene measures.

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