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Iligan solon calls for unified action against coronavirus

Iligan City (02 Feb 2020) — The lone district representative of this city, Congressman Frederick Siao, called for massive cooperation among government, private sector and the general public, in light of the global emergency brought about by the outbreak of novel coronavirus which originated from the city of Wuhan in China.

As of February 1, 25 countries have reported cases and more than 14,000 individuals affected, the bulk of which are recorded in China. The death toll had passed 300 and the first death outside China was recorded in the Philippines.

In a latest development, China has reported another outbreak— the bird flu.

Siao reiterated the call of the Department of Health to fight the virus through “proper hygiene such as frequent hand washing, among others.” He likewise noted that proper nutrition could help prevent people from being infected, especially the vulnerable ones.

“Let us make sure that we get proper nutrition especially children, the elderly, and pregnant women as they are the ones most vulnerable to any illness,” Siao said in an official statement released Saturday.

There have been reports on overpricing and lack of available face masks and hygiene products and Siao called on government regulators to closely monitor and impose price control measures.

“I recommend that concerned government authorities like the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) must closely monitor this. Price controls for such as well as for soaps, rubbing alcohol, bleach and other personal hygiene products must be strictly imposed,” he added.

On the other hand, Siao urged the private sector and commercial establishments to “voluntarily declare high alert status” on the issue.

He further called on local governments to be vigilant and take appropriate action in monitoring potential cases and to implement 24-hour sanitation and personal hygiene measures.

As international bodies and governments take precautionary measures on this global concern, several misinformation and disinformation have likewise spread in social media and the internet. Siao reiterated public responsibility on the matter and called on the Filipino public to avoid spreading fake news or unconfirmed reports.

There have been no reported cases in Mindanao and health authorities are closely monitoring and preparing for any coronavirus case that may be raised in any public or private hospitals and clinics.

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