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House passes bill separating engineering districts for Iligan City, Lanao del Norte

Iligan City (6 March 2020) – The House of Representatives approved on third and final reading House Bill No. 1994 establishing a separate District Engineering Office (DEO) for the city of Iligan in northern Mindanao. At present, the DEO of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) covers the legislative districts of Iligan City and Lanao del Norte.

Congressman Frederick W. Siao of the lone district of Iligan City, who authored the bill, noted the necessity of creating a separate engineering office for DPWH.

“The capacity of one engineering office of DPWH is not enough to serve both Iligan and Lanao del Norte. Iligan City alone has 44 barangays with a total population of more than 340,000. The DEO is currently understaffed and their workforce cannot efficiently perform functions serving the two districts,” said Siao.

With the passage of Republic Act 9274 in October 2009, the city of Iligan has been separated from the legislative district of Lanao del Norte. In addition to the management of infrastructure projects in Iligan City, the Second District Engineering Office of DPWH is also serving seven municipalities in the first district of Lanao del Norte. According to Siao, the current set up of the DEO causes unnecessary delays in infrastructure development.

“This needs to be addressed properly because this set up is causing so much delays in DPWH projects and it’s affecting delivery of services to the public,” Siao added.

H.B. No. 1994 was originally filed during the 17th Congress as H.B. No. 2431 and replaced by H.B. No. 8250. It passed the House of Representatives on third and final reading on October 8, 2018 and was forwarded to the upper house where it pended until the 17th Congress adjourned. ###

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