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FEATURE: No to negativity in this time of crisis

by Donna Aguilar

I say no to any negativity in this time of public health crisis. While the world continues to battle this pandemic, I am finding ways to stay fit, mentally and physically. And you should too!

​I am so thankful of this trying times of my life. I experienced highs and lows as I spell out and describe emotional stress at this time. Having an anxiety attack is not an easy experience for me. It is very traumatic and so frightening not only to your mind but to your heart and soul as well. I was confronted and had to deal with stressful days through work-related empiricism.

Family matters need to be attended properly as I am a wife, a mother of 3 boys, a daughter and a sister rolled into one. It is understandable nowadays, why we feel more stressed and anxious than usual. It’s because COVID-19 continues to unfold globally and affecting our very lives each day. Even our municipality have recently two persons infected by COVID-19 that was locally transmitted.

Everyone’s fear is that the numbers might plummet.

​How do we respond? I learned to slow down on my hectic schedule, activities and beating deadlines. I just found myself waking up at 2:00 in the morning writing down my realizations as a way to relieve this stress and anxiety whilst reflecting on simple ways on how to deal with this kind of emotional stress. I dealt it with the following, viz:

1) Medidate and Pray. Meditation is a highly effective way to release toxins from your body especially from your mind because it will build resilience to stress over time. I always go and read the bible “Psalm 91” as my defender in times like these and found it to be a very powerful weapon to fight anxiety. Jesus Christ promised to protect us night and day to those who ask for it. That was written on this verse. By reciting this, I felt His kindness and faithfulness to me. He strengthened and saved me. He showed proof of His goodness, He gave me comfort and more strength. And I thank God for that.

2) Exercise. I exercise at a minimum of once a week and at a maximum of thrice a week. Staying active is a great way to combat stress. For me, physical stress relieves mental stress. By lowering stress hormones, it will improve your quality of sleep and it will help boost your confidence. I sometimes go to gym with my cousins or walking, running and exercising around agora grounds in Tubod or even sometimes to People’s Plaza and Rizal Park in our small and peaceful village.

3) Take vitamins. Honestly, I stopped taking vitamins due to my upper limit creatinine level. I was advised by my Nephrologist to stop taking medicines, vitamins and even tea. Until I had this anxiety attack. I needed to take vitamins to improve my immune system. With the help of USANA Cellsentials and Poly C to boost my inner cells. I also took Visionex for my dim eyesight.  All because of stress. S T R _ _ S is too bad.. and really bad! Together with my other medicines like for the ringing of my ears because it’s normal if we are anxious the ringing of ears is usually present. The tension in my arms and legs persisted until I took all my medication and vitamins again. Thanks to my cousin Sheila for reintroducing me to USANA vitamins/food supplement. I even let my kids take USANIMALS, vitamins for kids. I don’t usually eat healthy as I am too busy to prepare health meals. I usually eat instant food and order food delivery from restaurants. But now I am realizing healthy diet is more important to have a healthy mind. Add more fruits and vegetables in your diet and take vitamins to bridge the gap of missing nutrients that we badly need. Then you’re good to go.

4) Listen to Relaxing and Soothing Music. Listening to this kind of music can have tremendously calming effect on our minds and bodies. I’ve read before that music can act as a powerful stress management tool. It is very true, when in fact, it helps me a lot to prevent my mind from wandering negative thoughts. Put on “Disney Piano Collection,” “Sleep Music and Water Sounds,” among others and you’re off to la-la-land. So relaxing and it make me so calm and cool.

5) Try Aromatherapy. I tried Young Living Diffuser with its essential oils— so relaxing, soothing that it can help you to feel energized, calmer and more present in your moment. Particular scents from essential oils can alter our brain wave activity and even serve as therapy to sleeping disorders, stress, anxiety, allergy, asthma and etc. Just name it, and you’ll have the corresponding oil to combat the bad elements in your body. Quiet more expensive but the price is so right when we count the benefits. Thanks to my cousin Tinmae for introducing YL diffuser, it helped me a lot.

6) Feathered Blanket. I bought this feathered blanket of mine just like my youngest son’s favorite but in a different color. I bought it to comfort me when I felt down and weak and even emotional due to PMS (pre-menstruation syndrome). This blanket was very useful when I had this anxiety attack. It comforted me more and felt so amazing having been wrapped with this feathered, so extra-soft, just like a baby blanket.  

7) The most powerful weapon that I have aside from the Bible is what we call “TOOB” or the sauna therapy. I put ginger, salt and water and boiled it in a rice cooker and wrapped myself with blanket sitting on a chair with the hot steam under it. The sweat is unbelievable, it is more reinvigorating than a deep, healthy sweat. This is the one which helped me to fade my tension that caused numbness and pains in my arms and legs. Really, it felt like my muscles unwinding and it so powerfully emerged out of me a fully relaxed mind. It revived me from my puzzled and frightened mind and I was ready to kick-off whatever my day may bring. During the “toob,” our body will respond to gentle, persistent heat, that’s why mostly Filipinos from all over the world recommend its purifying benefits because all it takes is good looks and better feeling. Thank God for my ancestors for bringing down to us the “toob,” but more high-tech now using the rice-cooker.

I am pretty sure, it will help everyone, especially those who experience life so full of stress and anxiety. God allows you to experience that find the emptiness within you that only Him can fill.

When it happens, you’ll feel the happiness within you that only you and God can fathom.

Even when insomnia persists, most importantly now, no anxiety and frightening nightmares.

That is why I am maximizing my time by writing all these while I am still wide awake in the middle of this cold dawn at 3:00 am.

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