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A call for help from Payatas


We are living in the worst of times and in the best of times. We are in very hard times. Many people are fearful, many people are confused, many people have lost their income and many people are going hungry. But this is also a time when we see so much love being put into action.

Many people are making sacrifices for others. We see this in the many front-liners putting their loves at risk as they serve others. We also see it in the people who even though they themselves have lost their jobs due to the lock down and do not have much money, still nevertheless give sacrificially so that others can eat. We see it in the people who although themselves poor and lacking food give away the relief goods they have given to others whom they believe to be in even greater need.

A wave of love, generosity, sacrifice and service is being unleashed and it is in this spirit that PNA is seeking to help in this present time.

PNA is alresdy aware of around 2000 people in its small area of Payatas who are in urgent need of food because they are going hungry. PNA would like to give all of them a large food pack for all of these people to last them for a week. However, PNA is a small organisation and does not have the funds for this. After prayer, PNA believes God has directed them to a certain course of action and this is what they will try to do this week with love, faith and effectiveness.

For this week, which started Sunday 29th March:

1. PNA will seek to provide enough rice for about 2,000 families to last for three days to help them survive while they wait for the aid that has been promised by the government.

2. PNA wlll also seek to give food packs to two classes of families

a) those who have been identified as being those most in need of food aid (most people are in need of food aid and very many are in great need of food aid but PNA will seek to give to those who have been identified not only by PNA leaders but also by the Barangay representatives as being the most urgently in need of food).

b) those who are members of the PNA Family (for whom certain people have said they especially want to give)

PNA hopes to give a total of about 600 such food packs this week.

3. PNA will also seek to work with the different levels of government to help people receive both financial help and relief food as quickly as possible.

4. PNA will also seek to find partners nationally and internationally and from different sectors of society in order to provide supplementary relief to that of the government and others during the covid crisis (and rehabilitation and development after the crisis).

PNA believes that God, who multiplied the bread and the fish to feed more than 5,000 people, has said that he will provide as PNA steps out in faith to give rice for about 2,000 people and food packs for around 300 people this week.

PNA asks our Payatas brethren to seek strength from God to respond with the Filippiino qualities of Bayanihan and generosity.

PNA asks our Payatas brethren to seek strength from God not to compare what they have received from PNA with what others have received and not to complain that PNA has not given them the same as others have been given.

PNA asks our Payatas brethren to pray to God not only for an end to the covid crisis but that in this crisis God will provide.

PNA asks our Payatas brethren to pray that it will be able to facilitate food and finances from the government for the people of the area of Payatas it serves.

PNA asks our Payatas brethren to realize that we are moving ahead one week at a time, sometimes we may move ahead only one day at a time.

PNA cannot promise that it will be able to continue providing food to everyone to whom it gives food to as we await help from government and others. PNA can simply promise to try to do our best.

Let us pray and trust in God's love, mercy, grace and power.

Maraming salamat po!

Fr. Paul Uwemedimo MGL

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